A) WELCOME TO THE CROWD: Today’s consumers receive 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages each day, making it getting extremely difficult for brands to cut through the noise. And your marketing team alone cannot help you spread your brand story

B) CHANGING BUYING BEHAVIOUR: The truth is, you need help from your sales team, product managers, engineers & even the guys from finance to increase decisions in your favor.

5rely B2B buyers rely on content to influence the buying decision

“Employees are among the most trusted of all company spokespeople – even more than the CEO” 2016 Edelman TRUST BAROMETER Report


Organic is always healthy & Marketing team knows the importance of participation marketing.
It’s a challenging job for the Marketing team, to manually share updated brand stories with employees & then continuously send follow-up emails requesting them to spread the message on their personal social networks. Truth is even if they do so, its hell of a job to consolidate the results (if any).


Digitalize platform is needed to empower your employees to Amplify your brand story.
We live in a distribution world, cannot expect an employee to go to a place (company social pages or blogs) to get information. It should be right under the thumb to share.


Amployee – AI based platform for Employee Communication and Engagement.

HOW IT WORKS: (5 steps actually)

Step 1: CURATE: A centralized approved brand content library. Curated stories from Blogs,
Facebook Page e, LinkedIn or Twitter; all under single page “The Wall”

Step 2: RECRUIT: Identify Digital Savvy employee who have naturally affirmative about your
brand & simply give them access to the Platform (Web or App).

Content shared by employees gets 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

Step 3: AMPLIFY: Employee driven storytelling, they can discover and share relevant &
personalize approved content with prospects or followers on Social Media, by a simple click of a button.

77% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after hearing about it from someone they trust.

Step 4: MEASURE: Dashboard based measure of employee’s WORD OF MOUTH impact on your brand reach & influence.

Leads developed through employee social marketing initiatives convert 7X more frequently than other leads.

Step 5: REWARD: Keep your employees motivated & engaged. It can be a good parking spot or lunch with CEO. The top on leaderboard need to be acknowledged for the good work.

Write us at shekhar@amployee.io to know more fun facts about Employee Advocacy.

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