It’s great if your employees already following your social media brand page and helping with spreading Brand stories. That’s your brand Organic reach and makes it’s more important for you to roll out a formally structured advocacy programme at your company.

Make it Easy

Fish where fishes are, everyone in Mobile. You cannot expect the employee to go to places to get information. It must be available for them under their thumb.

McKinsey Institute reports employees average a hefty 10 hours per week searching for and gathering information.

Not everyone knows what to share or when, and giving prompts and suggestions helps to spread write messages and active campaigns. allow Brands to create an approved content library, which is available to the employee on Mobile or web. The platform also allows publishers to broadcast new or important stories to the employees. You can also archive expired stories or campaigns.

Make it Engaging

The entire idea of Advocacy is to help employees build their own brand on social media & showcase their industry expertise. Great content can help you to attract and convert more visitors. It is important you empower and encourage your employee to contribute to content creation or recommendation. It not only helps brands to create authentic content but also establishes the writer as an expert of the domain.

Measure the impact of Employee Advocacy

Without a proper platform in place, it’s a very tedious job to consolidate the effectiveness of the Brand content shared via employees.

One of the key components of an employee advocacy platform measure the impact of content, help identify which story is accepted well not just internally but also on social media. It also measures the top contributor in the company by various engagement parameters.

An employee advocacy programme will help support areas such as talent acquisition, marketing reach and engagement, internal communication and brand reputation. Platform helps you measure the earn media value Employee and your content generating & it also provides leaderboard and reward functions to keep the engagement alive.

Amployee advocacy platform and our engagement Management methodology allow brands and businesses to quickly scale measurable word-of-mouth and achieve sustainable results.

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