Turn Your Employee Into Powerful Social Influencers.

Leverage your employees on social media with our artificial intelligence based advocate marketing solution.

Engage . Amplify . Repeat
Putting Employees at The Heart Of Your Influencer Strategy
Amployee platform help increase your brand reach & influence by making it simple for executives, salespeople, and other employees to engage in social selling and employee advocacy.

Curate & organize content from social media, blog & website onto a central repository.
Employees Securely access & discover the approved brand content, organized by channels & Topics.
Employees can personalize & share the content with all their social network connections or targeted prospective clients on email.
Real-Time tracking of top trending content & contributors. Use our reporting and analytics to implement best practices and improve overall performance.

Solution that benefits your entire organisation

Increasing brand awareness, prospect engagement and talent acquisition are just a few of the elements of success, which our platform delivers with employee advocacy program.


Grow brand reach & increase positive recommendations.

Employees have 10X larger social reach than a corporate brand. Employee shares have 2X more click-through-rate compare to corporate page shares.

Our Employee advocacy can reliably boost brand awareness, increase followers to your Company Page, and even generate leads for the sales department.


Generate increased leads through social selling and accelerate sales cycle through reviews.

Buyers are using social media to help guide their purchasing decisions. Salespeople need to be equipped to become trusted advisor.

Our employee advocacy program can help salespeople to increase the number of qualified leads, attract and develop new business, shorten sales cycles, and bring in new revenue streams. Salespeople who regularly share quality content are 45% more likely to exceed quota.


Significantly reduce recruitment costs, find and retain the best talent through employee advocate marketing.

Socially engaged employees help boost the brand within their networks and beyond. They share what makes your company great with their peers, while demonstrating the high level of talent your company already possesses.

Companies with a successful employee advocacy program are 58% more likely to attract and 20% more likely to retain top talent.


Engage your employees on our Platform & Amplify your brand's social reach & influence exponentially
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